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  • What contains the cat-kitten photo gallery?

    • Many thousands of tiny purebred cat photos (Abyssinian, Chartreux, Sphynx, Siamees, Birman, Rex, Persian, Ragdoll, Somali, Maine Coon, Europeans shorthair, Norwegian, Siberian...) or cross-breed.

    • All these pictures are ready to be automatically selected, according their colors, and to be insereted into your photo-mosaic.

  • Can I add other galleries available on the site Pictosaic?

    • Yes. All the topics can be mixed as you want. The others animal pics collections are "Dogs" and "Birds".

  • And insert my private images into the mosaic?

    • Yes. Example: add the photos of your favorite kitten, with or without the proposed cat photo gallery.

  • An idea of surprising photo-mosaic?

    • Transform the photo-portrait of a close cat lover friend as a cat photo-mosaic.

The main breeds of cats and their characteristics:


Abyssinian cat photo
  • Shorthair and longer on the back, warm reddish-brown base coats, almond-shaped gold, green, hazel or copper eyes, large ears, broad and cupped at the base.

  • Dynamic Temperament, playful and curious, very affectionate especially with his master, does not like solitude

  • A garden is desired. Risk of genetic disease leading to renal inssufusance


Birman cat photo
  • "Sacred Cat Of Burma", Weight 4 to 6 kg, long and fleshy silhouette, semi-length hair, "coulorpoint" coat as siamese, large eyes, large ears

  • Gentle and affectionate, calm and soft mewing, suitable for family life, accepts dogs

  • Dislikes indifference. Needs to be regulary brushed, especially during molting.


Chartreux cat photo
  • Weight of 3 to 7kg, Thick shorthair, blue coat, orange eyes, right and round ears..

  • Sociable temperament, hunter, playful, curious, follows his master, he rarely meows, loves kisses when he want.

  • Do not like constraints and to feel dominated, which can make it aggressive.

Devon Rex

Devon Rex cat photo
  • Weight of 3 to 5kg, soft and curly shorthair, varied color coat, small head, wide open eyes, very large ears, long and thin tail.

  • Character player and espliègle, very nimble, do not like loneliness and follows its Master everywhere, not have a fragile health.

  • It is quite chilly because of his lack of fur, needs to frequently clean their eyes that secrete a lot.

European Shorthair

European shorthair photo
  • Or Celtic Shorthair, rustic, muscular and flexible cat. Medium size. Weight of 4 to 7kg. Short hair. Multicoloured coat, medium size and slightly rounded ears, mi-long tail vif rounded end.

  • Active and player, easily adaptable and affectionate, but can be shy.

  • Cat resistant to the diseases, requires little care but often asks to eat. It hurts itself easily because of its thin skin.

Maine Coon

Main Coon cat photo
  • Weight of 5 to 9 kg, large, semi-long hairs, Multicolor coat, oval eyes and large ears with tufts of hairs, long bushy tail.

  • Sociable temperament, calm and gentle, playful and affectionate, faithful to his masters, dominant and non-aggressive, likes to hunt

  • He needs space. Must be regulary brushed to maintain her long hair.


Persian cat photo
  • Weight varying from 2.5 to 7kg, Long hair and bushy undercoat, any color of coat, flat-profile head, round eyes. Small, rounded and spaced ears, tail rather short but thick.

  • Quiet, homebody and placid, suitable for apartment living. However, likes to spend energy in the garden. It is more active when mowed ...

  • Son Its food is delicate and must monitor his weight. His health is fragile. Risk of eye disease and genetic kidney disease (PKD).


Ragdoll cat photo
  • Big size, weight 6 to 9 kg, semi-long hairs more provided around the neck, coat "Colourpoint". Large oval blue eyes, large ears, bushy tail.

  • Balanced nature, affectionate and sweet. Discret meow, becomes very soft when you wear it.

  • Shy less, it be watched outside. Often assigned to a genetic heart disease (HCM)

  • It has many similarities with the Birman cat. A crossed Birman-Ragdoll can be be purchased as a pure breed ...


Siamese cat photo
  • Slender and muscular silhouette, rather tall, short hair. Mutiples colar coat, usually denominated "Colourpoint". oval blue eyes, big ears placed low, long and thin tail.

  • Playful temperament, likes the life in apartment, with a mimicry with his master, talkative and mighty meow

  • It does not like solitude and can be exclusive and jealous.


Sphynx cat photo
  • Medium size, no hair, only slightly down, elongated head, lemon-shaped eyes, very large ears, tail of rat.

  • Very affectionate, he loves to ride on the shoulder of his master and live in society.

  • Must be washed regularly because of the sebum of its skin. Fears the rays of the sun and the cold. Beware of allergies. Because the cause is not the cat hair but her saliva and sebaceous skin ...

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